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4 Popular Unique Styles of Interior Design

Living room with Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Living in a house is one thing, but turning a house into a home? That takes a special skill and an eye for design. Decorating a home, or even simply a room for that matter, is not an easy feat, and in fact, it can be quite daunting if you don't have much experience in the matter. Thankfully, if you do your research, draw inspiration from the right places, and take your time, you too can transform a house into a home.

Decorating a room without any plans is like trying to bake a cake without following a recipe or having the correct ingredients. Sure, you can throw everything into a bowl and hope for the best, or you can stock up on the ingredients, weigh and measure everything, and bake the tastiest cake you've ever tasted.

The point we're trying to make is that once you understand the different styles of interior design and the colors, furniture, and accessories needed, you can create a stunning living space and a home to be proud of.

To help you get inspired, check out these four popular, unique styles of interior design.

Boho style of interior design with beige macrame decoration and woven rattan chair

All these hanging organizers feature strong boards to support the weight of your belongings safely and to keep the shelves from losing shape. They also have useful side pockets to hold your smaller items while giving you easy access to the contents. The elegant, minimalist style means they can be employed openly, and they will blend into your decor with ease. Ideal for storing sweaters, shirts, knitwear, pants, handbags, shoes, hats, socks, ties, etc. Also, they are all collapsible, meaning that they can be easily stored when not in use.


Bohemian, or Boho for short, is one of the most unique yet highly popular styles of interior design you could ever wish for.

Popular in coffee shops, bars, city apartments, and restaurants, Boho is a ubiquitous style that is particularly popular among younger individuals and hipsters. The term, which has 19th-century French origins, initially referred to the unique lifestyle enjoyed by the Romani people in Europe.

If you are Bohemian you are unique. You're a trendsetter that goes against the grain and isn't afraid to try new things and enjoy your own style. If this applies to you, then Bohemian is the interior design style for you.

With boho décor, anything goes. If you want to wallpaper your ceiling, paint your walls neon pink, mix old furniture with new, or even build your own furniture, with a bohemian style of décor, you can, as the sky is the limit.

Scandinavian style of interior design with beige pottery vases, woven rattan chair, and golden mushroom lamp


As more people become more environmentally aware and embrace greener living, Scandinavian styles become more common with each passing day.

With Scandinavian décor, you'll see homes transformed into log cabins situated amid Alpine forests next to a fjord. Scandinavian décor styles are all about cleanliness, freshness, and functionality, with just a sprinkling of minimalism thrown in for good measure.

With this particular style of décor, you can expect to see plenty of light wood finishes, with natural materials such as cotton, rattan, wood, and leather being utilized perfectly.

If you want bright and bold colors, this is not the style for you. Typically, neutral colors such as white, beige, light brown, or gray are used. If you want to add some color and vibrancy, accents are added in pastel colors or from colorful flowers.

Industrial Chic style of interior design featuring unboxed pipes and exposed bulb design

Industrial Chic

Up next, we have Industrial Chic.

Industrial Chic may have peaked in terms of popularity less than a decade ago, but it is still standing the test of time and proving to be very popular, especially in cocktail bars, restaurants, smokehouses, and inner-city apartments.

The industrial initially came about during the 1960s, not to push interior design boundaries or set new trends, but out of necessity. During a time of recession and economic uncertainty, not everybody was blessed with a bank account large enough to furnish an entire home. Instead, brickwork was left exposed, as were copper water pipes, rather than being boxed in. Light fittings were left as is, without lampshades.

Today, Industrial Chic is all about untreated wooden floorboards, minimalist furniture, bare brickwork, exposed piping, worn feather, metal stairs, and framework. Color schemes are muted, with grays, silvers, browns, ambers, and silvers taking charge. If you do wish to add an accent of color or two, look for art déco-inspired colorful glassware or even indoor plants or flowers.

Minimalist style of interior design featuring metal floor lamp and weathered wooden table and chair


Minimalism has really come to prominence lately, largely thanks to the surging popularity of Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing consultant, author, and television personality who has helped millions of people declutter their homes and live a minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalism is all about stripping away luxuries and using the basics to their full potential instead. Those who adopt a minimalist décor style in their home will have bare walls, very little furniture, even fewer accessories, and plenty of open space.

Minimalism is often associated with modern styles of décor, where you'll see bright white walls without pictures, mirrors, or paintings, modern furniture, perhaps a rug on the floor, and plenty of open corners.

Though minimalists usually go with neutral colors, if you do wish to get a little artistic, you can add a splash of color with minimal effort. One large painting featuring plenty of deep reds on a wall, for example, will stand out like a sore thumb, but in a good way. It's a great way to add color without going overboard.

Final Thoughts

And with that, we'll bring this look at some of the most popular and unique styles of interior design to a close.

From Scandinavian alpine forests to rundown warehouses in the middle of an urbanized city, we can draw inspiration from our surroundings, regardless of where we find ourselves.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next interior décor project and not sure where to start, hopefully, the suggestions we've given you today will get your creative juices flowing and leave you feeling more inspired than ever.

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