STORAGEWORKS - November 26 2022

5 Key Principles to Help You Declutter

Here's how you can unclutter like a ninja
an organized living room

Have you ever been through a situation like this before? It was a nice day. You had finally set up your mind to get your house organized and uncluttered. After almost an hour of decluttering, you found yourself sitting on a floor full of items you have great affection for, long forgotten, or even loathe, losing in a whole mix of feelings. Soon, you had lost your momentum to declutter and decided to pick it up another day.

"I like this one, but where should I put it?"
"Oh, here it is! I thought I lost it!"
"Yuk! I hate this one, but ... it's full of memories!"

With no clear results right ahead, decluttering becomes a meaningless job and a waste of time. We even feel painful just thinking about it. This time, we want to share with you five easy principles to help you start the declutter process.

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a neat entryway organized with fabric storage bins and side table

Start From the Easy Stuff

The less personal the stuff is, the easier it will be for you to decide whether to keep it or not. By decluttering these stuff first, you gain strength and momentum to further reduce. We advise you to start your project from the kitchen or the bathroom.

Cut the Flow of Stuff Coming In

Decluttering by replacing the old stuff with the new is a complete waste of time. It is advised that you either ignore the sales or adopt one-in-two-out policy — give away two items for one new piece you buy.

Remove One Item A Day, Keep the Clutters Away.

It is not necessary to finish your decluttering project in a mad frenzy of one whole day. We can make it a long project, a way of life. Get rid of a item you no longer need every day, and make it a habit. If you don't want to do it daily, you can do it weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. Just keep it going on and try increase the frequency.

Don't Keep Stuff Out of Guilt or Obligation

Your item, your choice. Everything you keep should be the one you love, need, or use. If otherwise, it is best that you give it away. Don't feel guilty about getting rid of expensive things that you don't even show to others. And don't be obliged to keep your grandma's sweater, because it's only clutter you need to dispose.

questions to ask yourself when deciding whether keep an item

Always Ask Yourself

Whenever you are having trouble deciding whether to keep an item, try ask yourself below questions to clear your mind:

1. What was the last time I used this item? - If you haven't used it for a year, you might need to let go of it.

2. Will I need it in the near future? - Be honest to yourself. If you don't have a real need or plan for it, then you shouldn't keep it.

3. Would I buy it again? - Think about your current tastes and habits, and consider the pros and cons of the item. Does it work? Is there a better version?

4. Can I fix it? - If yes, is it worth the job? You need to weigh up the cost against the benefit of getting it repaired. You can also set a deadline for repairing the items. If it's not done by the time, then get rid of it.

5. Would I keep it if I moved? - Is it the item you are willing to take the time to pack and unpack in a big house moving? When forced to think about what stays and goes in such a scenario, we are usually more decisive.

If you find the answers for the questions above are mostly "no", it means that you should get rid of the item. Donate, sell, or ditch it.

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