STORAGEWORKS - February 25 2023

7 Storage and Organization Life Hacks for Your Home

Let's Get Down to Practise!
Green ottoman bench with storage shelf

Combine tufted fabric bench with handwoven baskets to decorate your front porch.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter that has taken over your home? Do you find yourself constantly cleaning up after yourself, making life more difficult than it should be? If that's the case, it may be time to start using some storage and organization life hacks.

With just a few simple changes, you can make your home look cleaner, neater, and more organized in no time. From using wall-mounted shelves for extra storage space to repurposing old items into kitchen organizers—there are numerous ways to get creative with how you store things. The following seven life hacks for storage and organization will help you maintain the best-looking home possible.

All these hanging organizers feature strong boards to support the weight of your belongings safely and to keep the shelves from losing shape. They also have useful side pockets to hold your smaller items while giving you easy access to the contents. The elegant, minimalist style means they can be employed openly, and they will blend into your decor with ease. Ideal for storing sweaters, shirts, knitwear, pants, handbags, shoes, hats, socks, ties, etc. Also, they are all collapsible, meaning that they can be easily stored when not in use.

Two-tier farmhouse long console table

Place a two-tier long side table beside the wall of your living room to make full use of your space.

1. Use vertical storage to maximize space.

Make the most of your wall space by adding shelves and bookcases for books, knick-knacks, photographs, and other stuff.

Hooks or hanging rails can also be installed to keep coats and jackets organized. Don't forget to use the undersides of shelves and furniture as well. They are perfect for storing containers filled with toys, blankets, or extra linens.

2. Utilize drawer dividers to keep organized.

Place dividers between different types of items to make it easier to find what you need. This advice is especially useful in the kitchen. Try separating spices, utensils, tools, kitchen gadgets, condiments, etc., in different compartments for easier access while cooking!

Fabric storage bins with lids stacked beside a nightstand in the bedroom

Stack these decorative storage bins with lids to maximize your vertical space.

3. Repurpose old item for new function.

If you're short on cash but don't want to shell out for customary storage solutions like wardrobes or filing cabinets. Old suitcases make perfect bedside tables with built-in drawers, while weathered trunks look great as coffee tables with a hinged top that opens up into a hidden storage area!

4. Invest in stackable containers with lids. 

They take up significantly less space while still providing plenty of storage inside! Stack them vertically rather than horizontally to maximize vertical space without taking up too much floor space. This type of arrangement can be very beneficial in tight halls or pantries with limited ceiling space but plenty of space along the walls!

Handwoven seagrass baskets with wooden handles storing tea packets and CDs

Use these handwoven seagrass baskets to store your favorite items.

5. Use attractive baskets and bins for frequently used items. 

This makes things easy to reach when needed while also keeping the space looking neat and tidy. It's also an excellent way to add color and texture to your living area!

6. Fill up all of your empty containers. 

Empty containers are your extra storage space. Consider them as you rack your brains for ways to be more organized. Fill empty bins with your odds and ends and label them properly so you can find your stuff whenever you need it. This is an excellent way to keep things organized and maximize storage space!

7. Don't forget about door storage! 

Over-the-door shoe holders are perfect for keeping your cleaning supplies, food items, and other knick-knacks organized. They also make excellent medicine cabinets if each pocket is labeled so you know what's inside!


By implementing these seven storage and organization hacks, you can have a home that looks as neat and tidy as it did before the clutter started piling up. With a little imagination and repurposing old furniture, you can make the most of your space without breaking the bank! So start organizing today—your future self will thank you!

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