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7 Ways to Get the Perfect Easter Atmosphere

Hop into Spring with Easter Decor Tips
Having tea and coffee with Easter egg and bunny figure.

Families around the world mark Easter by decorating baskets, searching for chocolate eggs, and sharing together in a traditional yearly meal. Before we look at how to get your home ready for Easter, let's take a look at how this all started.

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The Winding History of Easter

Today, many Christian households celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter. Symbolically, it marks life's triumph over death. In pagan times, Easter coincided with various spring celebrations, marking the end of winter, and the rebirth of nature.

In other words, Easter has always been a traditional marker of new beginnings, associated with some classic, timeless symbols. The Easter Bunny is said to have also originated in ancient, pagan times when, for many tribes, the hare was a symbol of abundance and fertility. In fact, in some cultures, including in Ancient Rome, at one point, eating hare was forbidden due to its sacred role.

Similarly, the Easter egg symbolizes breaking out of one's shell, aka the emergence of new life. To put it simply, Easter Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate the end of winter, and mark new beginnings.

An Easter egg with face and bunny ear in a plate on a wicker placemat.

How to create the perfect Easter atmosphere

1. Add some color!

If winter is a traditionally bleak season, spring ought to be celebrated with an abundance of color. From painted eggs to colorful flower vases, Easter is your time to bring some color into your family's life.

Aside from classic eggs, you can DIY Easter eggs of all shapes and sizes out of paper, cardboard, and colorful napkins.

2. Pick some flowers.

What better way to celebrate the rebirth of nature than by adorning the house with some spring flowers? Tulips, hyacinths, lilac, anemones, or daffodils – March really brings with it an abundance of options to add some color and some new life to your house.

3. Channel some earthy vibes.

A great aesthetic Easter theme is nature. If frilly and colorful isn't really your style, tone it down. Use various shades of earthy brown and green in your table arrangement and decorations for a more down-to-earth Easter meal.

Easter table setting with bunny centerpieces, daffodils, and Easter eggs

4. Honor the bunny.

This is a wonderful twofold way of celebrating Easter. If you're celebrating with children, you simply need to have an Easter Bunny decoration (it can be a centerpiece, or just bunny-themed napkins).

But the hare, as we've seen, is not just a silly rabbit. It has long been a symbol of rebirth and new horizons. Honor this transition in your life, and the hare (patron saint of new beginnings, so to speak) with some bunny-themed decorations.

5. Eat outdoors.

Since Easter often marks the end of winter and beginning of spring, one favorite way to celebrate it is by having Easter lunch outdoors. Take your family for a picnic or, if circumstance allows, have a wholesome meal in your backyard.

Take a moment to appreciate nature's survival (and yours) through this past winter.

6. Go green (literally).

The color green is a staple in many spring festivities (such as Easter or St. Patrick's Day). Aside from its natural, earthy connotations, green is typically associated with good fortune, luck, and abundance – all things you want to invite into your life!

So whether you're bringing in some fresh floral arrangements, ferns, or opting for a green aesthetic, invite abundance into your life this Easter season.

Blue Ester eggs in a wicker basket

7. Tone down the eggs.

While it's tempting to prepare a colorful basket for Easter, it can also be quite tiring, aesthetically. Instead of doing all the available colors, why not choose a couple of colors, or even go monochrome?

This minimalist approach to Easter eggs will be easier to arrange on the table, and more pleasing to the eye. For Easter, choose one or two colors – there's time for others as spring and summer progress!

How are you celebrating Easter?

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