StorageWorks - Apr 24 2022

A "Smart" Editor's Waterloo

How to Fold Your Trapezoid Storage Bin?
trapezoid storage bins put on a side table in the entryway

Afew days ago, Sharon, a sweet brunet girl from the operation team, asked me to write an instruction about collapsing this trapezoid storage bin and gave me one such product to collect writing material. I was a little confused because I thought it would be as easy as the storage cubes

Paying no attention to the way how the product was neatly folded, I opened the package and rushed to assemble the storage bin. I went through the assembly effortlessly before checking every detail of the box. Several minutes later, I started to try to collapse it before I realized that I couldn't!

As an editor, I consider myself a quick learner and highly perceptive, but folding this trapezoid storage box is somehow like a puzzle! I tried so hard to collapse it, but I found it become either a low arch bending the side boards or a triangular prism occupying much more space than expected. After fiddling with the bin for almost 30 minutes, I reached out to the product team for help, blushing with sweat.

Chad, a cheerful young man from the product team, laughed me off, saying that I should've asked him in the first place. "It's a piece of cake!" he said, panting from laughter (which is annoying), and showed me his trick.

Simply remove the bottom board and pull out the bottom fabric to fold successfully

First, he took out the bottom board, which I also did before.

Then, he pulled the bottom fabric downwards. Chad explained that this step is essential for folding the trapezoid bin because if we skip this, the bottom fabric could stop us from collapsing the box properly.

At last, he pushed the longer sides inwards to fold the box. This time, it goes smoothly without the fabric blocking the way.

That's it? 

"Yes, that's it," Chad said and urged me to try it myself. 

And yes, it is indeed easy, as long as you make sure the bottom fabric is being pulled downwards to give way to the side boards when they're collapsed.

If you have the same problem as I did, check out the video below that I took. Our product supervisor Chad will show you the way.