StorageWorks - Dec 30 2021

Bathing with Baskets

Today, we are going to the bathroom. Do you ever wonder why we call it the bathroom, even when it has no bath? None of us ever call them shower rooms, despite many of us having replaced our bathtubs with shower stalls. One of the many mysteries of the English language.

And what do we keep in our bathrooms? For most people, that would include personal hygiene products, beauty products, shaving accessories, towels, soap, shampoo, general cleaning products, etc. Many of us have a medicine cabinet, often with a mirror, hanging on the wall. Whether or not we actually keep medicines in it depends on the individual. One of us confesses to keeping a notebook and pen there to jot down his more ill-timed creative notions. Others even have books to read!

As with everywhere else in the home, these products and goods require convenient and tidy storage, but the bathroom is by nature a wet place, and damp and steam are not friendly to many materials. But this is a problem that was beautifully solved hundreds of years ago in ancient Egypt. They didn’t have bathrooms as such; they probably bathed in the river, if at all. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in asses’ milk, but we aren’t recommending that here.

What the Egyptians came up with was a special, new way of making baskets. The ancient books tell the story of the infant Moses being found in a woven basket. Products made from various types of plant material have been found, still intact nearly two thousand years after being buried under lava in the Roman volcano-engulfed city of Pompeii in Italy.

We are, of course, talking about wickers. This simple yet elegant, highly sustainable, and renewable material is light yet strong and water-resistant. Handwoven wicker baskets enhance any setting they are put in. They are also easy to move when required.

First of all, we recommend these attractive wicker baskets made from handwoven dried seagrass or other eco-friendly materials and formed over a solid iron frame for extra strength. As they have three sections, they really help you to organize and hold your personal articles logically and keep them easily accessible. Ideal for bathroom use, storing makeup or tissues, etc., but they can also be used in many other rooms in the home.

For towels and other larger items, we’d like to suggest these larger, wooden-handled, 100% natural water hyacinth wicker baskets. These are every bit as attractive as the seagrass type, as well as being superbly strong and practical in many situations. Environmentally friendly, too.

Finally, we suggest these matching toilet paper baskets. Designed to sit on a suitable shelf or top of your toilet water tank, they are ideal for storing toilet paper, fresheners, or cleaning materials.

Don’t forget that, as always, the use of these products is not limited to just one but will be both practical in any part of the home while at the same time adding to the allure of your home environment.

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