StorageWorks - Dec 17 2021

Boxing Clever for Boxing Day

Making More Room in Your Bedroom

Now that December is here and Christmas is nearly upon us again, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Those we give and those we receive. As we are all taught, it is better to give than to receive, but have you ever met a child who really believed that? And we all have a bit of the child in us still. One thing we can do, however, is combine giving and receiving by giving ourselves a gift!

Unless we are working from home or are retired, the room most people spend the bulk of our time in is, of course, the bedroom, even though we are asleep most of that time. Also, for most of us, the bedroom is the most private of our rooms. Our friends may see our sitting rooms, kitchens, even the bathroom, but rarely the bedroom.

So there can be a temptation to follow the “out of sight; out of mind” approach about the rooms, but then we feel guilty or depressed when we wake up in a less than perfect environment. Why not give yourself the gift of a new bedroom for the coming year. And at the same time make room for all your lovely new Christmas gifts.

First, we need to look at what we store in our bedrooms. For many people, that will be mainly clothing and bed linen, etc. Depending on where we live, clothing generally falls into two categories – summer and winter. You may want to add ‘special occasion clothing’ that you love but seldom actually wear. Your work clothes may be very different from your free time clothes, etc. Everyone’s needs differ, but we can all categorize our needs. 

Summer clothes can be packed away in winter and winter clothes when spring is truly over. Twice a year we swap them over from hanging in our wardrobes to being stored on shelves in our closets. To keep all these organized, we like to use these large storage bins with lids and handles. Measuring 17.1"x 12.8"x 10.4" and collapsible when not in use, these make an affordable improvement on just stacking clothes on the shelves directly, and their lids offer added protection from dust.

An alternative choice may be these convenient fabric bins. Not only do they have a gentle soft lining to protect your precious clothing, but they also have windows, so that you can see clearly what you stored in which box! Very useful if you have a lot to store or are just forgetful! They come in inexpensive packs of three for your immediate use.

Not large enough for your bed linen or heavy coats and jackets? No problem. Move up a notch by choosing these extra-large, reinforced canvas bins, which can safely store up to 25 pounds. These, too, have windows and can be folded flat when not immediately required.

Then you can spend Boxing Day relaxing and playing with some nice new boxes! And don’t forget; many of your friends will surely appreciate these as gifts, too. Happy Holidays!

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