STORAGEWORKS - December 25, 2023

Eco Living Made Easy: Sustainable Materials for Home Goods

Handwoven wicker flatware organizer in a clean, well-organized kitchen countertop.

Transform your kitchen with a storage organizer crafted from eco-friendly materials, adding both functionality and style.

Do you have a soft spot for our environment? Absolutely, we all do. However, have you ever really thought about the various pressing issues that are taking a toll on it? From the reduction in carbon footprints to the looming threats of global warming, climate change, and resource depletion, there's a lot on our environmental plate.

Tackling all these challenges in one go might seem daunting. Still, we can make a difference through simple, daily choices. A simple yet effective strategy is incorporating eco-friendly materials in our daily lives wherever possible.

All these hanging organizers feature strong boards to support the weight of your belongings safely and to keep the shelves from losing shape. They also have useful side pockets to hold your smaller items while giving you easy access to the contents. The elegant, minimalist style means they can be employed openly, and they will blend into your decor with ease. Ideal for storing sweaters, shirts, knitwear, pants, handbags, shoes, hats, socks, ties, etc. Also, they are all collapsible, meaning that they can be easily stored when not in use.

What Exactly Are Eco-Friendly Materials?

Put simply, eco-friendly materials fall under the category of building materials that pose no harm or hazards to the environment during their production, use, disposal, or otherwise. Better yet, many also boast recycled ingredients or non-toxic biodegradability. By selecting these options over conventional materials, you take pressure off finite resources and overflowing landfills. Eco-options often multitask, saving homeowners money as well.

Eco-friendly Materials Paving the Way

STORAGEWORKS incorporates site-specific plant fibers into handwoven baskets, pairing sustainable decoration with storage in chic style. Across categories, we consciously created materials merge ethics, quality, and design for accessible sustainability. Dive into the best options below!

Handwoven wicker basket made from water hyacinth for toilet tank top holding toiletries on the sink.

Handwoven water hyacinth baskets add texture to the bathroom.

Water Hyacinth

With a remarkable growth cycle of 8-12 days, water hyacinth proves to be a resilient aquatic plant, making it an ideal choice for sustainable ecological control. Harvesting these swiftly regenerating plants for industrial purposes ensures a continuous supply without posing a threat to their existence. At STORAGEWORKS, we've harnessed the eco-friendly potential of water hyacinth, crafting exquisite handwoven storage baskets. Not only do these baskets champion sustainability, but they also infuse homes with an original and natural ambiance.

Handwoven seagrass basket holding towels, keys, mittens on a side table at the entryway

Infuse warmth into your home with the charming touch of a seagrass basket.


Seagrass thrives underwater across diverse locales, making its hardy leaves a renewable basket weaving resource. Master weavers transform the salty, heat-resistant strands into works of art. Free of dyes and chemicals, the marine plant's natural golden tones shine as an eco-alternative to less sustainable weaving materials like plastic imitation wicker. The STORAGEWORKS handwoven seagrass basket collection not only serves as an elegant, nature-friendly decoration for homes but also proves to be a versatile storage solution for various scenarios.

Organize the pantry with handwoven paper rope baskets - a stylish and eco-friendly storage solution for a tidy and efficient kitchen space

Trapezoidal or rectangular, woven paper cord baskets keep your pantry in style.


Paper and cardboard earn top marks as renewable and biodegradable. Elevating the green game, innovative paper cord intertwines sturdy paper strips into a versatile, twistable rope, surpassing traditional pulp products in durability. Handwoven into baskets, this textured material adds an earthy aesthetic to your decor. STORAGEWORKS extends this commitment to sustainability in our cardboard packaging, crafted from corrugated cardboard—plant-based, compostable, and ready for reuse or recycling. The carbon-neutrality of these materials positions them as a rising green alternative, far less energy-intensive than their metal or plastic counterparts.

Use bamboo storage container store towels, shampoo, houseplant beside the bathtub in the bathroom

Refreshing bathroom vibes with a bamboo organizer for a touch of natural elegance.


Experience 100% eco-friendliness with bamboo, be it in the form of chairs, baskets, or handcrafted storage boxes. As long as they avoid chemical processing, bamboo products are a sustainable choice. Their robust strength makes them ideal for even construction projects, and the best part? They grow within 3-5 years.

Organize the nursery with fabric storage bins for a cozy and tidy baby room.

Create a cozy and clean atmosphere in the nursery with fabric bins.

rPET Fabric

Joining the ranks of top eco-friendly materials is rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate). It's made from recycled plastic bottles and other recycled PET products. Offering the same durability and performance as virgin polyester, rPET reduces landfill waste and fuels sustainability through a circular production model. Currently, STORAGEWORKS offers fabric storage bins made from Global Recycled Standard certified recycled polyester. These bins align high functionality with environmental values for versatile home organization.

d2w Plastic

A groundbreaking innovation, d2w additive technology allows conventional plastics to biodegrade like natural materials. This oxo-degradable formula integrates seamlessly into existing manufacturing with no impact on performance. Yet when discarded, d2w plastics fully decompose within 2 years—no toxic remnants. Products keep their integrity and planet integrity too. STORAGEWORKS currently implements d2w plastic in our bag packaging, improving sustainability from production to disposal.

Wrapping Up

With expanded eco-options for everyday household items like storage baskets and fabric bins, embracing sustainability gets easier. With small tweaks to our purchases, we can help drive positive impact. Opting for natural materials or recycled fabrics might be minor decisions, but multiplied by millions of consumers, these choices steer business practices and industry standards in a greener direction. Collectively, our dollars can catalyze change through supporting companies that share our values around environmental welfare.