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Holiday Décor Tips – How to Build a Halloween Festive Atmosphere

As the song goes, 'it's the most, wonderful time of the year', and while the Holidays may seem like a lifetime away at the moment, it always pays to plan ahead.

As the days begin to grow shorter and the nights start creeping in, those who love spooky season will be bursting with anticipation as the month of October signifies the start of Halloween.

People love the Holidays, and spooky season is all kinds of fun, but if there's one complaint that horror lovers have, it's the fact that Halloween is over far too quickly. Lately however, it seems as if spooky lovers are just not willing to leave spooky season in October, and have gone ahead and decorated their home during the festive season with more of a spooky theme.

If you're looking for Holiday décor tips and you want to incorporate more of a spooky theme this year, we've got you covered. Here's a look at Holiday décor tips on how to build a Halloween festive atmosphere.

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Scale Up Your Tree If You Have the Room

Pumpkins on the window.

Pumpkins in any shape or form are a must-have for Halloween fun.

Let's face it, the Holiday season just wouldn't be the Holiday season without a tree. Even if people tend to keep their festive home décor to a minimum, you'll usually find a tree.

A tree is the focal point of any Holiday décor scheme. If you want to celebrate your love of Halloween and combine the Holidays with Halloween, a spooky-themed tree is the way to go.

If you have the room in your home, purchase a larger tree and really make it a focal point. Rather than the usual red, white, and green colors you'd find on a Xmas tree, opt for Halloween colors (more on that next), and really go to town.

A larger tree means you have a bigger canvas, so you can decorate it with the lights, baubles, and accessories you want. Just make them as spooky as you like.

Brighten Things Up with a Halloween Color Scheme

candles and a pumpkin

Spice up your Halloween decor with warm-toned LED strips for that extra festive vibe.

Instead of decorating your tree and your home with Holiday colors, choose a spooky color scheme instead.

Halloween colors include blacks, oranges, and reds primarily, so why not go for those types of colors? You can choose a black Xmas tree and home decorations to give your home a Gothic feel. Throw in some blood-red banners and streamers for a little extra color contrast.

If you really want a strict Halloween theme, however, you could go with just black and orange for your tree.

Create a Spooky Halloween Tree

Halloween style decorations

Have a Halloween-inspired Christmas tree.

In terms of home décor tips, the easiest way to incorporate Halloween into the Holidays is to create a spooky Halloween tree.

You could invest in a black tree and decorate it with spooky Halloween baubles and accessories. Again, you may wish to stick with a black and orange theme. Make sure to include plenty of pumpkin ornaments, skulls, gravestones, haunted houses, and any other Halloween-themed hanging accessories.

As for the lights, you could choose plain white flashing lights to simulate lightning, or go with orange lights, or even red lights which will look great against the blackness of the tree and will really create a spooky ambiance.

Get Crafty and Build a Halloween Wreath

Halloween wreath's materials.

Create a Halloween wreath using simple materials

We know how popular wreaths are to hang on your door over the Holidays, and wreath-making is a great activity over the festive season.

If you want a Halloween theme this year, however, why not build a spooky Halloween wreath instead?

Rather than lush green holly leaves, how about using just dead branches and rotting leaves? Again, sticking with pumpkins, which are synonymous with Halloween, you could purchase mini pumpkins and glue them to your wreath, or even make them yourself.

You can add spooky elements to your wreath - fake bones, vampire characters, zombies, ghosts, pumpkins, witches, cauldrons, or anything else that you associate with Halloween. Once you hang it on your door, or above the fireplace, it'll set the scene right away.

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