StorageWorks - Jan 18 2022

Life Hacks to Build a Unique Atmosphere for Your Home

Practical and Eco-Friendly Storage Selections

Did you know that you can somehow understand someone’s life philosophy by simply observing one’s home furnishings and arrangements? Inspired by a documentary about environmental protection, we feel obliged to build my house in a more environmentally friendly way. We were blown away by the massive changes we can make to reduce carbon emissions with only a little effort by using storage products made of renewable resources. These storage products not only solved my clutter problem perfectly, but their decomposable natural materials, such as water hyacinth, seagrass, and paper rope, also create a sense of warmth and a unique rustic atmosphere. That was a pleasant surprise.

We are pleased with our decision to build a comfortable and sustainable private life, even a working sanctum, for myself. The following sections will show you how practical and attractive our choices can be.

Decluttered Living Room    

Living rooms are the very place we entertain and treat our guests. A clean and organized living room shows our respect to the guests, but a messy living room does just the opposite. We used to be such impolite people until we got these natural water hyacinth storage baskets. The baskets are tightly woven over a sturdy iron frame, making them durable enough for storing heavy items like books, magazines, blue-ray DVDs, and video game consoles. After we put everything in order, the whole room becomes cozier and much more welcoming than ever.

Shelf Baskets

Rather than installing floating shelves, what’s the wiser way to increase storage space? The answer is to put some of these handwoven storage baskets on shelves. With these baskets, you can neatly sort your things without bits and pieces scattering on the shelves, which gets even more convenient if you put up labels for them. Besides, their sturdy structure and wooden handles make for easy carry, and their elegant pattern adds a rustic charm to your home decor.

Well-Organized Desk Top

Creating a healthy working environment can help us focus on the tasks and finish them with higher efficiency. The key is to get rid of unnecessary things but keep the essentials and make your workstation look delightful at the same time. We replaced our plastic racks and holders with a set of seagrass desk organizers, sorting my desk neatly. These five pieces are all you need to organize odds and ends on the desktop. What’s more, the desk organizer set is aligned with our desk, interior decor, and other storage products perfectly.

Baskets on the Wall 

It’s a shame to leave the wall blank and the vertical space unused. Try mounting some of these decorative baskets on the wall. You will be amazed by the kind of magic they could do to your house, as they fit naturally in most scenarios, such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. You can also use it at the entryway to collect keys, mail, small gadgets, or hold small potted plants and aroma bottles that enhance the decor.

Categorized Bathroom

As the bathroom is the most private domain where you can ease your mind other than your bedroom, it is of great importance to keep it clean and organized. This set of organizing baskets can help categorize different items in the bathroom while giving you a touch of nature. For example, we put fresh towels in the large basket, toilet paper in the medium one, and cleaning tools and skincare products in the small one. Everything is easily accessible and well-sorted, so we don’t have to waste time looking around the bathroom for the things needed.

As always, we don’t limit these storage products to any specific room or scenario even if we have tested and proved our ideas to be effective. Feel free to use them innovatively, and they surely will be of help!