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Little Tricks That Save You Out of Kitchen Chaos

A Recipe for Success

Little Tricks That Save You Out of Kitchen Chaos

We have a confession to make. Despite spending every working day counseling people on how to solve their home storage problems, some of us harbor a dark secret. Our own homes are sometimes disorganized and full of the bad practices that we advise other people to drop. So, we decided collectively that we really have to practice what we preach.

We mostly started in the kitchen. In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of a home, no matter what we cook. Surveys show us that what the majority of people want from their home kitchens is not some trendy spice from far away, not the latest electronic gadget or high-tech range. We all want more storage space and easy access to our favorite ingredients and tools.

Little Tricks That Save You Out of Kitchen Chaos

Shopping is too easy sometimes. We spot a bargain on our regular shopping trip and come home with more than we ever intended to buy. It’s even worse today with online shopping making it easier to overbuy. All these special offers and “3 for the price of 1” deals etc., don’t only fill up our shopping baskets. They also fill up our kitchens. And our space quickly runs out. Most of us don’t have the option of adding more space.

As with many storage problems, organization is the key to success. There is nothing worse than trying to find an ingredient in a disorganized kitchen, especially when we are halfway through cooking the evening meal. We identified which ingredients and equipment we use most and stored them close to where we prepare and cook. The staples: potatoes, rice, pasta. If you like to go Italian like some of us, the next would be maybe herbs and olive oil; if you prefer more Asian, then soy sauce or perhaps Sriracha. Add various spices and, of course, salt.

We all chose some of these handwoven wicker baskets, which are not only inexpensive and practical but highly attractive. All but the smaller sizes come with handles, so they are easily portable. These baskets are available in a variety of practical formats and sizes to fit your needs. Our daily essentials now live in their own smaller size basket on the countertop; some other larger sizes are on shelves.

For less frequently used ingredients, we chose some handwoven rope storage baskets. The baskets are very affordable and are perfect for all kitchen storage needs. They are also environmentally friendly.

Finally, we picked some clear plastic bins or refrigerator bins. They don’t add space as such, but they can add the very important organization that most of our kitchens can benefit from while using the otherwise unoccupied space we already have. Our jars, bottles, and produce are easier to see and are grouped together logically.

Of course, all these products can be used elsewhere in the home, too. But if you are the sort of person who stores canned tomatoes in bags under the bed or in the garage, then maybe these suggestions will help!

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