StorageWorks - Dec 24 2021

Living Room Love

Whether you call it the living room or the sitting room or the lounge or something else entirely, this is one of the most important rooms in most people’s homes. Many of life’s most memorable events take place here. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays here together. We socialize with our families and friends. We relax over a movie or watch our favorite television series or sports events. We catch up on the news from around the world. And most of all, unless we are very unlucky, it is here we feel warm and safe.

It is also a room on which we stamp our personalities. We decorate to please ourselves, both aesthetically but, just as importantly, for physical comfort. We display our favorite pictures, whether that be as prints of the Old Masters’ paintings or original works of modern art. We may have family photographs or even pets on display. Views of distant lands we have visited or want to visit. Some of us are far from where we began life and may have photos of the home we remember. All of these are so important to us.

Then we have our ‘things’. It is all but impossible for us to list what all of these might be. People collect the oddest things. At least, what one person loves and collects may seem perfectly sensible to some people but baffling to others. It is perhaps the most individual thing we do. But one thing most of us have in common is a desire to have those collections visible – on display both for our own pleasure and also for others to see.

So it is crucial that we store our belongings in a special way that brings out their special qualities while not overshadowing them. We at StorageWorks favor these beautiful, natural wicker baskets which enhance any room while quietly exhibiting your collection at its best, no matter what it is. Made from 100% natural seagrass formed around a sturdy wireframe, these very affordable, yet spacious baskets can be used on a shelf but are also appealing enough to sit out proudly in full view on a tabletop, etc. Wooden handles make them easily movable should that be required.

For deeper storage space, these large woven baskets are one of our favorites. Equally enchanting, they are natural and environmentally friendly. They have reinforced sides to give them the strength needed to hold your collections safely. Again, they will look good in any setting or decor.

Finally, until next time, have a look at these shallower handwoven baskets which match those above. They are ideal for storing and, at the same time, displaying your most prized and loved possessions. They also even make beautiful table-top fruit baskets!

Please remember, all of these baskets are suitable not only for the living room, but can take their rightful places and bring elegance and style to any room in the house.

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