STORAGEWORKS - November 11, 2023

Step into the Seasons with Style: Shoe Organization Must-Haves

shoe storage organizer, fabric storage bins with metal frames, handwoven water hyacinth baskets in a beige closet.

If you've been following our previous blog posts, you may recall our exploration of functional wooden hangers and their impact on closet organization. As the weather and temperatures change, we are shifting our focus to another essential aspect of home organization: shoe storage.

When designing our homes, we are likely to envision our shoes neatly tucked away under a bench or in a rack by the entryway. However, for most of us, the reality is it's impossible to fit our entire shoes collection in one spot without creating a messy pile. Some may have a jumble of mismatched shoes all thrown on a mat or at the bottom of the closet, scrambling to find matches each morning as we rush out the door. Others may store shoes back in their original cardboard boxes, which take up a lot of space and require rummaging to find what you need.

No matter your current shoe storage situation, it's clear that a tailored approach is needed to keep our footwear organized. Disorderly piles or boxes make it hard to find what you want when you need it. As our shoe collections grow with the addition of boots, slippers, and other winter styles, targeted storage solutions become even more crucial. In this blog post, we'll recommend our top products to help you neatly organize your shoes while saving space and preventing damage.

Beige Shoe Organizer with brown PU handles featuring customizable pop-out dividers
Large beige shoe storage organizer with PU handles featuring adjustable pop-out dividers under a clothes rack
Gray shoe organizer under a shoe bench by the entryway
Large gray shoe storage organizer placed at the bottom of a closet beside a wicker basket
Brownish beige shoe organizer with PU handles featuring adjustable pop-out dividers placed under a shoe bench
Large brownish beige shoe storage organizer beside a shoe bench by the entryway
Black shoe organizer with brow PU handles featuring customizable pop-out dividers placed at the bottom of a closet
Large black shoe storage organizer with PU handles and dual zippers featuring customizable pop-out dividers in a closet

Four color combinations in two size options are available for this shoe organizer.

All these hanging organizers feature strong boards to support the weight of your belongings safely and to keep the shelves from losing shape. They also have useful side pockets to hold your smaller items while giving you easy access to the contents. The elegant, minimalist style means they can be employed openly, and they will blend into your decor with ease. Ideal for storing sweaters, shirts, knitwear, pants, handbags, shoes, hats, socks, ties, etc. Also, they are all collapsible, meaning that they can be easily stored when not in use.

Shoe Organizer with Pop-Out Dividers

First and foremost, we highly recommend this shoe organizer with collapsible dividers. Like all STORAGEWORKS fabric storage units, this shoe storage container is made from durable fabric, reinforced with heavy-duty cardboard side panels and a bottom plate. On the exterior, we've thoughtfully add either PU or soft fabric handles on three side of the organizer, making it easy to pull the bin out from any direction. To protect against dust and enable quick identification of the contents, we've incorporated a thick clear cover featuring dual zippers.

Size of medium shoe storage organizer with customizable pop-out dividers
Size of the large shoe storage bin with adjustable dividers
Installation instructions for the shoe storage organizer with adjustable separators and clear cover
Showing the adjustable compartments of the shoe storage organizer
This shoe storage organizer features handles on three sides, transparent cover, adjustable dividers, and sturdy side panels.

Check out the features of this shoe storage organizer.

What truly sets this shoe organizer apart are the built-in dividers that pop in and out to customize the compartment sizes. Each unit comes with four large dividers made of rigid polypropylene panels. These large dividers are securely sewn to the inner side of the organizer, and they can be effortlessly pulled out from the corners to meet in the middle, creating four generously sized compartments. Within each large square are two smaller dividers on opposite corners. Pop these out to create four slim, 4-inch wide by 10-inch deep slots.

Inspiration: One of our creative users even use this organizer to hold tripods, light stands, and modifiers.

The adjustable dividers allow you to customize the interior to fit different types and sizes of shoes, providing a versatile solution for various collections. Available in four stylish color combinations and two convenient size options, this shoe organizer is ready to meet your specific storage needs, offering both functionality and an attractive addition to your home.

Beige underbed shoe storage organizer placed under a couch in a living room
Two gray shoe storage organizer stored inside a closet in a bedroom
Beige underbed storage bin organizing heels, sneakers, loafers, flats, canvas shoes, and various kind of footwear neatly under the bed

Two color combinations are available for these underbed shoe storage bins.

Underbed Shoe Storage Organizer

Struggling to make the most of your underbed storage space? Look no further. Our next must-have shoe storage organizer is the perfect solution. Sold in sets of two, each unit comes with one long divider and ten short dividers, all equipped with hook-and-loop strips for easy customization to fit various shoe styles and item shapes.

This underbed shoe storage organizer is a space-saver's dream. The sturdy transparent lid snaps securely with dual zippers for quick and easy access. With two vertical handles on the front and one handle on each of the two sides, it's easy to move and carry the organizer around.

Size of the underbed shoe storage organizers
Adjust the dividers to form compartments of different sizes to better organizer shoes with this under bed storage bin
This underbed storage bin features sturdy handles, transparent cover, adjustable dividers, and smooth zippers.

See the details of these underbed shoe storage organizers.

Standing at a height of just 5 ¼ inches, this organizer conveniently fits under both high- and low-profile beds, perfectly suits the bottom or top of closets, or can even be placed beneath your living room sofas. Keep your shoes or other belongings dust-free and damage-free with this underbed storage solution. Its smart dividers and slim design ensure you can easily grab whatever you need whenever you need it. With a choice of two stylish color combinations, this shoe organizer seamlessly integrates into your home's aesthetic.

Inspiration: Apart from shoes, these underbed storage bins are also suitable for organizing toys, bedding, and off-season clothes.

Final Thoughts

Efficient storage organization is the key to a clutter-free and stylish living space. The recommended solutions offer both functionality and elegance. With these products, you can seamlessly transition into winter or summer season, ensuring that your footwear stays well-organized and in excellent condition.