StorageWorks - Apr 17 2022

The Simplest Way to Treat Every Day Like Earth Day

Sustainable Storage Idea
Various kinds of stylish storage boxes keeping the walk-in closet organized

Every year since 1970, April 22nd has been observed as “Earth Day”. The idea took root in the USA and was intended to raise awareness of environmental issues at every level in society, including government, industry, business and in each of us as individual citizens. Earth Day has now grown to be marked by over a billion people in 193 countries. The organizers stress that in addition to just being more aware, each of us has to take personal action to protect our delicate planet. 

But what should we do? It seems too late for full-scale mass participation projects, but it is never too late for us to change our ways of choosing which products, including vehicles, food, clothing, and household supplies, we buy and use. To protect our planet, we should pick items that can be used more than once.

We have selected a number of home or office storage products that not only make life easier but are attractive, stylish, well-designed, and eminently practical. Moreover, we try as much as possible to use materials in their construction that are natural, recyclable, and earth-friendly. 

Renewable materials such as the wicker used in many StorageWorks baskets are sustainably grown and strong. 

stylish fabric storage box with see-through window holding towels in the laundry

Another product you can keep reusing to contribute to environmental protection is these attractive, strong, reinforced fabric boxes. They are ideal for use inside closets, on shelves, on a tabletop, or somewhere in the laundry, while some of our customers also use them in the pantry for paper plates and dish towels. What's popular in this product is the large transparent "window", through which you can easily see what's inside. In a choice of colors and sizes, they enhance any room they are used in and are designed to fit in with any decor while simultaneously helping to keep our homes tidy and well organized. Besides, we also have similar products with lid.

Fabric storage bins with lid and cotton rope handles bring style and order to your space

Should you need something larger, dust-proof, but equally practical and attractive, these extra-large boxes are also made using reinforced fabric and have cotton rope handles for carrying. Many StorageWorks fans bought them for both the look and the size. Finished in muted gray with a bamboo-style design that blends unobtrusively with any color scheme, these fabric storage bins are big enough for winter clothes, spare bedding, DVDs, or blue rays. Very reasonably priced, they come in a pack of three, and you can take care of many of your storage needs in one go.

XXL fabric storage box with clear window help you store off-season clothes

Still want bigger? No need to worry; we can point you instead to these double-lidded extra-extra-large canvas boxes. Robust and capable of securely holding up to 25 pounds of your valued possessions, they come with a transparent window allowing you to see what is inside. Very useful if you have more than one box to deal with! 

All of these boxes are collapsible, so they won't take up precious space when not being used. And they can, of course, be used in most rooms of our homes, but also in our offices and workshops. Anywhere we want stylish storage without messing up our planet in the process. 

As we approach Earth Day, we have to remember that this planet is our only home, and we have to take care of it – not only one day a year but every single day. Every little thing helps.