StorageWorks - Mar 3 2022

Think Big. Go Small.

Maximize Your Space with StorageWorks Small Furniture

While many of us need large solutions for our large main storage requirements, there are also times when something smaller does exactly the job we need doing. Sometimes a lot smaller. Today we will look at some of the smaller storage choices we can employ in the home while never forgetting stylishness and practicality.

As we sit relaxing, perhaps watching our favorite soaps or sports channels on television, we like to have our remote controls handy. We may need somewhere to place our cell phones in easy reach, somewhere to place a drink on our favorite coasters, or somewhere convenient for an alarm clock beside our beds or to place our bedtime reading books or magazines. It is on occasions like this that these simple but elegant end tables come in to solve our problems. 

StorageWorks End Table Weathered Oak Grey

Featured Product: Chairside Table with Cabinet and Open Storage Shelf

Industrial Farmhouse End Table

Let’s start by considering this charming farmhouse style end table with a shelf and enclosed cabinet with a wire mesh front. Made from natural wood and finished with an attractive weathered gray oak veneer, this looks totally at home beside a favorite armchair or sofa or, instead, when making a practical bedside table. The spacious top is perfect for most casual needs. It could even be used in the bathroom or a hallway. The uses are only limited by your needs and imagination.

The table comes flat packed and is easy to assemble. We even have prepared a helpful video with clear instructions on how to put it together for you, using simply a screwdriver.

StorageWorks End Table Weathered Oak Black

Featured Product: End Table with USB Ports & Power Outlets

Chairside End Table with USB Ports

Another choice might be this similar but somewhat enhanced version, which may suit some users’ needs more. This version is a little taller and cleverly also has two built-in standard power outlets and two USB ports. The power outlets are ideal for an electric alarm clock, charger, table lamp, etc. And we all know how much we need USB ports these days!

Made of similar construction to the previous table, but this time finished in a black oak veneer, this is a particularly beautiful addition to any home. You could, of course, double up and place it on either side of a bed or sofa to complete the picture.

Featured Product: Farmhouse Bookcase with Cabinet and Open Shelves

Multifunctional Shelves 

Finally, for the readers among you, while large bookshelves have their place, sometimes a smaller example is just what we need for our favorites or those on our still-to-be-read lists. Of course, they don’t have to be thought of merely as bookshelves – you can shelf anything you like – ornaments and knickknacks are a good example. 

This bookcase cabinet matches the first table above, with its gray oak veneered finish in a weathered farmhouse style. Useful shelves and a cabinet with mesh doors. Sturdy reinforced iron legs ensure stability, and padded feet protect your flooring. Again, its use is not limited to one function. We can see it used in a bathroom for towels or toiletries, in a hallway for displaying welcoming ornaments, or even in a kitchen if required. One of our StorageWorks colleagues uses one in her kitchen to hold her favorite cookbooks.

So when you need to think big, maybe you need to go small. 

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