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Houseplant Décor Ideas – Where to Put Houseplants and What Effect Does it Achieve?

Houseplants and indoor plants are great decorative items for any home

Do you know someone who's addicted to buying houseplants? Maybe they've turned their house or apartment into an urban jungle. If not, then the houseplant addict in question could very well be you.

When it comes to home décor, houseplants and indoor plants are absolutely fantastic for creating a friendly, inviting, fresh, bright, and airy living space.

Plants add the finishing touches to any room and provide a sense of accomplishment as well. To ensure they look their best, they require nurturing, watering, feeding, and even trimming. Put in the effort, however, and the rewards are truly satisfying.

Not all indoor plants for home décor require a lot of TLC and attention, though. Some just need a drop of water every so often, and that's it.

From a succulent planter to hanging ivy, if you're looking for houseplant home décor ideas and inspiration, here's a glimpse of several suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Revitalize your bathroom with lush green plants for a refreshing atmosphere

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Create a Tropical Bathroom

Lately, we've observed a growing trend of people transforming their bathrooms into tropical rainforests, and the results are astounding. If you want to create a tropical spa environment in your very own bathroom, indoor plants are ideal.

Look for plants that thrive in warm and humid environments, and you're all set. Spider plants, peace Lillies, Snake plants, and Boston ferns, for example, all work incredibly well as part of home décor for bathrooms and really help freshen up the space as well.

Succulent plant in a stylish glass planter on table

Build a Succulent Planter

Another home décor tip for those looking to use more indoor plants in and around the home is to build a succulent planter yourself.

Succulents are very fashionable and contemporary at the moment, and they are very easy to look after. You can place them in stylish, modern jars and planters, adding the perfect finishing touches to any shelf or mantel.

Consider putting up some floating shelves and using a succulent planter as the centerpiece. This contrasting green of the leaves, the glass from the planter, and the decorative ornamental stones and pebbles really catch the eye, giving the room a clean, crisp, and modern look.

Fill Those Corners

Corners in most people's homes are often empty spaces, used for nothing but storing clutter and collecting dust. If you're looking for ways of using indoor plants, why not fill those corners with your favourite species of plant instead?

Plants like rubber plants, ZZ plants, Spider plants, and Bird of Paradise thrive indoors and require very little light and watering. Go ahead and grab some decorative pots and fill empty corners with your favourite plants.

Vines draped over the edge of a shelf with plates, bowels, glasses, and a cat

Embrace Vines

In gardens, vines are often considered troublesome as they can take over and be notoriously difficult to get rid of. However, in the home, vines make fantastic pieces of home décor and are very popular as indoor plants.

Vines are great when draped over the edge of shelving or wrapped around mirrors. They give a stylish look, yet at the same time, create the effect of nature subtly take over.

Create a Feature Shelf

Finally, if you're really looking to go all out with your indoor plants, a feature shelf is the ultimate home décor tip. 

Create a feature shelf dedicated solely to your favourite houseplants. You can have creeping vines hanging off the edge, a terrarium full of cacti, a succulent planter, Aloe Vera plants, lucky bamboo, a Bonsai tree, or anything else you like. 

Arrange the plants in different-sized pots and planters, in various designs, and you will instantly have an eye-catching feature shelf to proudly display all your favorite indoor plants. 

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