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How to Maximize Bedroom Space?
5 Proven Ways

5 proven ways to organize small bedroom

Having a small bedroom has its pros and cons. While small rooms can feel cozy and are easy to clean, they can also be challenging to decorate. Finding space to store all your items can also be a struggle. That's why knowing how to maximize bedroom space is so important.

In this article, we'll discuss some smart ways to maximize small bedroom space.

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How to Maximize Bedroom Space

Here are some tips for taking advantage of every inch while ensuring a spacious appearance for your place. 

Maximize bedroom space with STORAGEWORKS hanging closet organizers

Utilize Vertical Spaces

Vertical spaces allow you to add more elements to your room despite the limited floor area. One way to do this is by hanging a closet organizer inside your wardrobe.

The multiple compartments and smart design will allow you to store more clothes and items, keeping your closet looking neat and clutter-free. Another trick is to get a slim nightstand or side table that has multiple drawers. This way, the table takes up less floor space, but you still get ample vertical storage.

Make the most the space beneath your bed with our under-bed storage containers

Use the Space Under Your Bed

If your bedroom is already overflowing with stuff, you may need to get creative. Look for ways to maximize bedroom space using the existing furniture. For example, the area under your bed is likely going unused. Invest in some handy under-bed storage containers to stow away things like extra linens and blankets.

Another option is to place a trunk or storage bench at the foot of your bed. These serves as great storage solutions while looking stylish.

Get Creative with Shelving

Shelves are one of the most common ways for organizing a small bedroom. You can use them to display books, photo frames, and other sentimental trinkets. The best part is they don't have to take up any precious floor space at all. Just get a set of floating shelves, or have some built directly into your walls.

Another creative shelving idea is using a bookcase as a headboard. It's an ultra-convenient option if you enjoy reading in your bed and adds an interesting visual element.

Get Creative with Shelving

If you want to know how to maximize bedroom space without it feeling cramped, consider adding mirrors. These make your room look bigger than it is, so things don't look overly stuffed. Plus, they are also highly practical since you'll need them for grooming and getting ready in the morning. 

We recommend installing full-length mirrors on your closet doors to save floor space. You can get hanging mirrors or mirror decals for a simpler solution. 

Hang art and plants to save your precious floor space

Hang Art and Plants

If you're a plant lover, fitting multiple green friends in your room may seem impossible. Well, there is a way out. Choose decorative hanging planters to hang from the ceiling or mount on your bedroom walls.

You can even add an extension rod over the headboard area to hang trailing plant vines. Overhead shelving works just as great for planters, too. This option lets you add books and decorative items to complement the greenery.


Now you have several ideas for maximizing bedroom space without compromising on its aesthetics. The key is to efficiently utilize the vertical space in your room with mirrors, shelving, and slim furniture pieces. 

Also, make sure to invest in practical storage solutions like closet and under-bed organizers that you can keep clutter out of sight. All these tips make your bedroom more functional and make space for additional design elements.

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