STORAGEWORKS - December 27, 2023

Different Types of Popular Home Décor and Lifestyle Around the World

Is your home's interior starting to look a little tired and outdated? Perhaps it's too full and needs livening up? Whatever you feel your home's décor could use, one of the hardest aspects of decorating the interior of a property is knowing which style to go with.

What makes us unique as human beings is our individuality, and this diversity is reflected in the various lifestyles and home décor choices across different countries. If you're seeking inspiration from around the world, understanding the differences in lifestyle is incredibly valuable.

To help you find your perfect home décor inspiration, here's a look at several different types of popular home décor and lifestyles around the world.

Vintage furniture decorated with dry flowers and painting.

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Country Chic

Country Chic, also known as Country Cottage, is a beloved home décor style, particularly in the picturesque British countryside.

Those fortunate enough to live in the British countryside embrace a lifestyle distinct from those living in cities and urban settings. This is reflected perfectly in the décor of their quaint country cottages.

Unlike modern urban settings which often adopt a minimalist approach, country chic home décor is much busier. You'll find plenty of ornaments and trinkets on shelves. Wooden flooring and wooden beams are also prominent, as well as exposed stone and brickwork.

Modern furniture is replaced by vintage, even antique furniture. There is no real theme here, yet the style just goes and works perfectly with the lifestyle you'd expect from country living.

A living room with minimal decor and a neutral color theme.


Thanks to the popularity of a certain Scandinavian furniture company, Scandinavian home décor is a popular style amongst interior designers worldwide at the moment, and rightfully so.

Scani décor perfectly reflects the lifestyles of those residing in Scandinavian parts of the world. It's how Finns, Danes, Norwegians, and the Swedes love for their homes to look. It's all about neutral palates, light woods, natural materials, and influences from nature.

If you go for a Scandi theme, expect a basic color theme, with any color being added from ornaments and accessories such as rugs and vases. Materials such as Rattan, leather, cotton, and linen are also used to great effect.

Unlike British Country Chic, Scandi décor is very practical and quite minimalist. It's not about filling any open spaces, it's about using what space you have in the most aesthetic and practical ways possible.

A living room with a bright color theme.


When talking about lifestyles around the world, you don't get more laid back, relaxed, and exciting at the same time, than you do with Mediterranean décor.

Mediterranean home décor is designed to perfectly reflect a Mediterranean lifestyle. It's bright and vibrant, just like the weather. It's fun and exciting, and it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Whether it's a white villa in Greece or an apartment in Barcelona, you can draw inspiration from Mediterranean styles of home décor when deciding on a theme for yourself. Think of a mix of light and neutral colors, combined with earthy colors, with splashes of bright and vibrant reds, oranges, blues, and yellows.

A bedroom with Japanese décor and a dark-toned background


Japandi is an interior design style of home décor that draws influences from both Japan and Scandinavia. The result is astounding.

Japandi home décor is all about using natural colors and materials. Think woods, stones, ceramics, and even paper. Unlike Scandi interiors, however, Japandi interiors tend to use darker woods and colors on the wall, with richer color palates.

With this particular style, you'll also find that indoor plants are also very popular and can really tie everything together beautifully.